An Important Business Lesson From Failed Woke Movies

I heard some good advice once: “Money goes where energy flows.” I’ve since reframed it to:

 “Money goes where enthusiasm exceeds it.” Think about it for a second: If demand for something is excellent, supply shrinks, and the value of said good increases. It’s 101, which I know you’re all across so I won’t bore […]

A Story Of Sacrifices

Got a pretty cool story to tell you that happened yesterday. On the one hand it’s downright bizarre and on the other, it’s eye-opening. But before I tell you the moral of the story, let me start with the context. So Nathan and I are in Melbourne. Nath’s been appointed the new Head of Performance at the […]

“What’s The Worst That Could Happen?”

That’s what our physio Justin said to me as we figured out what we’d do with his 20 hours of work in July of 2020. Luck had been kind to the both of us…  Just two weeks prior to the first COVID lockdown, Justin had taken a permanent, part-time shift on a Saturday morning to provide […]

Can You Answer This Question? (It Made Domino’s Billions)

In 1960, two brothers, Tom and James, purchased a failing pizza store for $900. It was called DomiNick’s. The brothers planned to share the workload equally, but one brother, James, didn’t want to relinquish his job as a Postman. Within 8 months, James wanted out. He traded his 50% of the business for the Volkswagon Beetle […]

Here’s How To Turn Your Customers Into A Voluntary Sales Force

Pete, an Alley-Oop Subscriber writes: ===== Absolutely loving the content in the AO and the live training last week also. Thank you! I’d love to know how you guys ask for Google reviews (and how you get so many – 500+).We’ve got a very good number (145 currently), but for instance, when I send out […]

This Is The Only Difference Between Low And High-income Earners

An Alley-Oop Subscriber writes in: ===== Hey KG, Please tell me if this is inappropriate, but I’d like to pick your brain on managing your finances. What has worked for you and where should I start? ===== Finances are a big can of worms, so simplifying is no easy feat. But for the sake of […]

Confessions, Anxiety and Leaning Into Fear

Jordi and I recorded a cracker of the ‘behind the business’ episode. It just went up on Spotify. If you: – Get anxious presenting your ideas in front of crowds, – Worry about what people will think, – As an employer, struggle to get the most from your team, – As an employee, get frustrated at […]

The Power Of Prescription

A couple of weeks ago, my wife was sick as a dog. She woke up saying that it felt like Metallica was inside her head playing Master of Puppets on max volume. She was running a serious fever even though she couldn’t get warm. Despite wearing PJs and a dressing gown, and covered in two blankets […]

This Is What A Better Offer Did For My Newest Mentee…

Want to see something that you wouldn’t believe unless I had the proof? These two screenshots below show a discord message I got from one of my new mentees. When Ryan and I first spoke to see if the Ascension Mastermind was a good fit, I actually told Ryan that he wasn’t ready to join… […]

The Lion, Donkey & Fox Go Out For A Hunt…

This is an excerpt from this month’s newsletter that goes to the printers tomorrow. ===== A Lion, a Fox and a Donkey are out on a rabbit hunt. As the day draws to a close after a successful raid in the forest, the lion tells the donkey to split the catch into three equal piles. […]