The Good Man’s Paradox

I watched Equaliser 3 last night. It is every bit as good as its predecessors. There were many memorable moments, but one in particular struck home for me. So as to not spoil the movie, I’m going to leave out the context, but keep the essence of the exchange: In the second scene, Denzel is […]

The Goodwill Economy

I have a prediction for 2024. And it’s a complete backflip from what I would have said just a few years ago if you’d asked me the following question: “What should you optimise your marketing for?” Back then, and in line with the Gary V approach that made him famous, I would have declared: “Attention.” […]

Rich Men North of Richmond

It’s crazy how quickly things can go viral when a message really taps into the conversation that the market is already having inside its head. No better example of that than Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond.” Two weeks ago, no one knew this guy. Today, he’s trending on Twitter, being interviewed by Joe […]

Height vs Depth

There is a big difference between something that grows up and something that grows down. And interestingly, the higher you want something to go, the deeper the foundations that must be dug. Many of you will already know that Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. And for those that didn’t, me saying it now has probably jogged […]

The (not so) secret strategy behind Apple

Just about every business goo-roo online will give you advice on how to gain new customers. “More leads.” “More sales.” “More customers.” But how many make retention an emphasis? Very few… and that’s probably because keeping customers is nowhere near as sexy as gaining customers. Interestingly, the best businesses in the world put retention as a higher-order priority over […]

The unconventional Roman approach to scaling

You can learn a lot about scaling a business by looking back at history and seeing how civilisations became empires. And no better example comes to mind than the Roman Empire, which, for a long time, ruled the world. If there was ever a definition of ‘scaling’ an empire, they were it.  As the civilisation […]

The dark side of recovery zones

I remember the day when we decided to invest in a recovery zone. It was 2018, and a day would not go by without someone discussing compression boots. Many of our athletes paid $50-70 per week (on top of our membership) to go to recovery centres, where they’d sit in boots and have a sauna. They’d […]

This is why I wouldn’t ever buy a franchise

One of my rather peculiar habits is watching old adverts. And while the reason why is a story for another day, I stumbled across an ad that reminded me why franchises (especially in our industry) are something I wouldn’t personally recommend. This is off the back of UFC Australia going arse over tit and entering […]

Audience vs Community

You might find it surprising that Lachy and I aren’t massive fans of building an ‘audience’ online… especially when we’ve spent the last six years doing just that. But it’s true. Having a big online presence looks good, but it doesn’t mean it does good. There is a very big difference between those two. And that’s not […]

The best recovery boots you’ve never heard about.

===== If you’re a coach and already know about the Recovery Project’s “Precision Pulse” technology for their compression boots and aren’t interested in discovering why we threw out our old ones when we heard about it, you can skip this one. Otherwise, feel free to read on. ===== Compression boots are all the rage at […]