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You’ve Just Joined An Exclusive Group Of (Very) Intelligent Coaches & Gym Owners Who Know The Value Of Learning From Those Ahead Of Them…

Here Are The Next Steps:

1.    Check your inbox for a welcome email from me. If it doesn’t arrive in the next minute, check promotions and spam. If it fails to arrive, email me immediately at info@athletesauthority.com.au and my team will get to you ASAP.

IMPORTANTIf the email does arrive in spam, then you can make sure that never happens again by dragging the email from promotions/spam into your main inbox if you’re using gmail.

That way, you’ll tell Gmail to let me slide on through the security check when I email you next time (which is almost daily).

You’ll be looking for the subject headline: 

 “Welcome To The Alley-Oop Newsletter”

(I know, incredibly original).

Within the email will be a link to our exclusive discord group — you want to join that ASAP.

It is the only way to access me outside my close friends, mentees and work colleagues.

Within the group, you’ll be joining the rest of my mastermind group and all the other Alley-Oop Subscribers.

There is a conversation going on there daily.

It will also grant you access to immediately download my book:

Positioning: The Gym Owners Survival Guide To Getting Noticed & Standing Out.

I have provided a PDF and ePub (Kindle) version at the bottom of the email.

This book is an exclusive download to Alley-Oop Subscribers. You can’t find it, buy-it, or leverage those ideas anywhere else. It’s meant to provide immediate and actionable insights for you to deploy between now and the arrival of your first issue. 

2. Sit tight and wait for the calendar to roll over to the first day of the month. That is when the edition prints and it ships on the very next business day anywhere in the world. Depending on where you are, it should only take a couple of business days to arrive.

That’s it from me (for now).

I’m looking forward to hearing your stories of success in the months (and years) to come. 

– Karl Goodman