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do you have the keys to your letterbox?

If So, you can get your hands on the greatest gold-mine of insider secrets that's ever been crammed into a monthly newsletter.

(These nuggets of gold will grow your business even if you don’t have a marketing bone in your body, are on a shoe-string budget… or think of yourself as an introvert).


“This is only for the seriously disciplined business owner. People who subscribe to paid newsletters such as this are the most intelligent & dedicated A-players because they understand that success is a process, not an event. The reason others don’t is because they expect a magic bullet and the miracle answer right NOW. They want all the answers in one $10 book that tells them where to find the magic genie and where to rub his belly to have all their wildest dreams come true. This newsletter can’t do that. But, if you have big ambition, are like a dog to a bone when it comes to your professional development, and have the self-discipline to apply what you learn and stick with it… then these ideas can help you double your business by just reading and implementing what I teach you… in less time than it takes to watch an episode on Netflix.”

To my fellow Coaches, Gym & Clinic Owners, 

If you want the rare ability to ‘pull’ new members and clients into your business without ‘pushy’ marketing tactics that make you look desperate… 

Convert them without ever feeling like you have to sell 

And develop a strategic mind for business operations like Phil Jackson had for the game of Basketball…

Then this page will show you how.

karl goodman

Helps Gym Owners get off their knees & deliver more value so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour with a more profitable business.

Here is the long and short of it:

I’ve gone old-school and created a monthly physical newsletter called:

“The Alley-Oop”.

Why the name? Well, It’s like Scottie Pippin was to MJ… it makes you and your business look good.  It sits on your table setting up assists like it’s child’s play. Consider it your 2-IC that does the heavy lifting so you can make a dunking highlight reel. You get the drift… even if you don’t like basketball.

However, it is very expensive.

And it’s definitely NOT for everyone.

Here is what I mean:

“The Alley-Oop” is a physical newsletter sent to your door that features a combination of sales & marketing principles, high-level business strategy & other business teachings showing what I’m doing at Athletes Authority as well as the other gym owners I mentor… and how you can apply it all to your own business. Each issue will be jam-packed with immediately actionable ideas, strategies and real-life examples so you can slowly move the needle… month in, month out. Ultimately, these strategies are designed to:

  • Make Your Gym or Coaching Business A Magnet To Your Ideal Clients So You Have More Members Month on Month… 

  • Make Your Target Market Feel So Understood That They Just Have To Find Out How To Work With You… 

  • Teach You The Sales Strategies, Funnel Set-Ups & Positioning Techniques That Make Sales A Breeze… (even if you HATE Sales)…

… And leave you with way more money in your pocket so you can be damned proud of what you’ve built and achieved.

That will be my measure of success.

I want you to be ravenous to rip open the next issue like a kid at Christmas opening his presents… because it’s been a whole goddamn MONTH since you last absorbed the sweet techniques that grow your business steadily and without all the BS hype that’s popular these days (none of this get 10 new members into your gym this month crap that the garden-variety gurus are doing)…

I want you to carve out 30 minutes of your day, pour your favourite brew, and switch-off from the mania that’s happening on your phone and digest the newsletter in one sitting… and then immediately use that information to make back the investment of your monthly subscription price back in multiples.

And, as long as you are great at what you do and your members love you, you can keep attracting your ideal clients with ‘pulling’ techniques that work like gangbusters and don’t leave you feeling like you’ve sold your soul.


You also get a few ridiculously valuable “perks” when subscribing, too.

First, you’ll get a forward edition of my book as soon as it’s finished.

“Positioning: A Gym Owners Survival Guide To Standing Out & Getting Noticed”.

This will be a digital book that will be emailed to you shortly after your subscription is confirmed.

It’s a small, straight-to-the-point book that you can keep in save to your phone’s desktop) that is a condensed and completely updated version of a module in my mentorship that mentees usually pay $8000 to access.

It’s not available for purchase anywhere else… it’s totally exclusive to the “The Alley-Oop” subscribers.

Here are just some of the juicy nuggets of golden wisdom you’ll get your hands on that are included in the book:


"Karl's advice packs a serious punch if you want your gym to rock... we've 10x'd revenue, 5x'd our facility size... and learnt how to build our own little empire... and all of that was during a worldwide pandemic when most gyms were on their knees!"
David Hasell
Lift3 Gym & Physiotherapy
"Karl's business acumen has far exceeded even my wildest expectations. His unique insights and willingness to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom, told through captivating stories makes his words literally worth their weight in gold."
Zenia Wood
Swift Movement Academy
"Karl has helped me put together the puzzle that running a business can be, while helping me find all the missing pieces along the way."
Tal Marom
Trademark Performance
"Karl is a gamechanger, his ability to problem solve with unique solutions is second to none."
Tom Nelson
TNT Ignite
"I knew Karl was good... but I didn't realise he was THIS good. His advice is changing the game... and you know I don't say that lightly."
Christian Woodford
"I first started listening to Karl's advice while working out of my shed at the back of my house. As I write this now, I'm the owner of RadCentre, one of Victoria's Elite High Performance Training facilities. His advice along the way has been crucial in every element of business... especially how he's helped my financial success. We wouldn't be where we are now without Karl."
Chris Radford

But that’s not all the special perks you get when you invest in “The Alley-Oop” monthly newsletter…

When you subscribe, you’ll also get:

Here is the deal…

“The Alley-Oop” is $97 US per month and it ships anywhere in the world for free.

There are no refunds on subscriptions.

Because once you make a decision, the information I share with you is so powerful that you can’t ‘un-know it’… and it’s worth its weight in gold.

However, you can cancel at anytime for any reason, or no reason at all, with absolutely no hassle. 

The reality is, this newsletter is not for everyone… and the vast majority of gym owners don’t qualify (so please don’t subscribe).

For example:

  • If you are lazy and easily distracted…  and you can’t focus on reading a 20-ish page newsletter without checking the pinging on your phone…

  • If you coast through the months without ever really asking yourself “how can I make a more meaningful impact?”…

  • If you complain about information overload and feeling ‘busy’ but also catch yourself scrolling mindlessly on social media for hours each day…

  • Or if you can’t see how investing $3.19 per day will massively jack up your profits, your weekly revenue and your growth potential by getting direct access to me and the systems we’ve used to build the Athletes Authority brand…

Then “The Alley-Oop” is NOT for you.

Because I’m sure there is something that you can snack on during your tea break that’s completely free… (and reused, recycled and regurgitated from someone else…)

But this newsletter isn’t it.

And, if you do subscribe, then there is absolutely no pressure to commit to your business growth and stay for the long-term, either.

The inner circle who get excited for their monthly edition will keep building their little empires, pushing the boundaries and reaping the rewards whether you stay a part of us or quit too early.

In all seriousness, if you aren’t super excited to implement what I teach you each month into your business and behaviours or if you’re the type of person that can’t make a decision on $3.19 a day to redirect the course of your business…

Or if you’ve gotten all giddy and excited because of the dopamine rush you got when you read all the perks but aren’t ready to do the real work month in, month out… then please do not subscribe.

This is strictly for us crazy ones who have built something they are proud of and want to see it make a mark and leave a legacy… 

This newsletter is for the ones that will spend $3.19 each day to make their business feel like it’s pumping with happy customers…

It’s for the business owners who get a kick out of hearing how LOVED they are by the community they serve…

It’s for the ones that say to themselves: 

“If only I could have a better flow of leads, a smoother sales process, and a better back-end… this business could be something god-damned special.”

But me saying it doesn’t mean much, because I can say anything I want.

So instead, hear what your peers say about their investment in the Alley-Oop…

Anyway, there is so much potential out there to do more, be more, and make a bigger impact…

And I’m going to write this newsletter whether you choose to benefit from it or not because I want to document the journey for my kids and myself to look back on (that’s my two boys now… my guess is this will be essential reading when I pass down the reins and they take over the empire).

If you’re a switched-on business owner then you’ll know that others like you will jump on this… and if you don’t, you might just get left behind as the strategies become more widely utilised…

So it’s time for you to choose whether you’re in or you’re out.

You can click the button “Join The Alley-Oop” and carve out time in your month to absorb money-making strategies for your business that will explode your growth.

After you subscribe:

“Positioning: A Gym Owners Survival Guide to Standing Out and Getting Noticed” will be digitally shipped to you immediately in your welcome email.

You’ll receive your first issue at the start of the month (we will print and ship on the first day of each month and it should arrive to you by FedEx a few days later).

Once a print is run, it is never run again, and you will never get to access it, since it’s purely physical.

This makes these special… they are limited and more valuable the more you have… it’s as close to an asset as information can get.

Click the button to get started:

Note: Before you can confirm your subscription, you must acknowledge you agree to the terms by checking the box above. You won’t believe it, but someone bought a product from us once, used it, and then claimed that it was a fraudulent transaction. So now we’ve learned the lesson and ensure that everyone ticks this box first.

Looking forward to seeing you build your own empire you can be proud of… and land some easy, effortless dunks.

Karl Goodman



Why is this a physical newsletter? Can’t you save us all some hassle and just ‘get with the times’ and send it digitally?

I want the newsletter to feel special when it arrives. I want the insights, strategies and tips to be valued because they’ll be bloody good. There is something dismissive about it being delivered into your inbox. It becomes so ‘back of mind’ when it’s sitting in your inbox… ready for you to open it at any point in the next 30 years…

There is also the problem of plagiarism.

Sending a digital copy means that it is easily distributed and that defeats the purpose of a paid newsletter, right?

I want the owner of the edition to have a real competitive advantage. Once it’s online and out there in the interwebs, that competitive advantage is easily lost. 


Do you offer a free trial?

If you’re worried about the investment, you can always start with my free courses under the tab ‘learn’ or, subscribe to my daily newsletter. I don’t want to attract those only interested in freebies… I want gym owners who want to sink their teeth into the stuff that actually makes the difference to their bottom line..

Did I hear you say on your podcast that you are going to blacklist subscribers from re-subscribing if they ever cancel?

Yes, because I don’t want your money enough to want to deal with the headaches from the type of person who is less decisive than my 2-year old at a toy store.

“I want this one… 

No I want this one.

I want this one Daddy.”

“Choose one Huey.”

Points to all three. 

Mum’s and Dad’s with kids will know exactly what I mean.

I want to help business owners who want to do the work. This is the real-world and things take time to come to fruition. We are NOT in Oz, Dorothy.

As the old saying goes, you can’t have sex 9 times and expect a baby next month… it just doesn’t work like that.

Growing a gym you can be proud of takes time… becoming profitable takes time… building out an evergreen marketing strategy takes time…

“The Alley-Oop” and what it stands for, epitomises a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re hoping for some magic bullet or get-rich or quick-fix scheme, then please save yourself the money and me the hassle, and don’t click subscribe.

I don’t work with athletes. Does “The Alley-Oop” still work for me if I work with a different population?

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you’re in weight-loss, strength, elderly, chronic disease, have a physio clinic attached, run a chiro practice adjacent to the gym…

These methods still work. 

Technically, as long as you’re in the health & fitness industry and you offer a service then this will work for you.

I’ve worked with every type of fitness business (except supplements) and these systems work for everyone.

Now I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule… but I haven’t come across any yet.

Try it for yourself. What’s the worst that could happen? You spend $97, learn a tonne of new stuff in the process, and also learn what DOESN’T work. That’s almost as valuable as what does, anyway…


I don’t own a gym but I am a coach. Does this still apply?

See above.

Short answer is yes.

Keep in mind that the lens I write from is that of a gym owner, but we have far more similarities than we have differences and everything here will be incredibly valuable for you, too. But I target this to gym owners because I know my market… and so should you 😉


How do I get access to the backlogged issues? 

You can’t. 

That’s the whole point.

Every issue is unique, and the information is finite. Only those who are subscribed at the time of the print, get the print.

If you weren’t subscribed, then there is no way of accessing that information short of stealing it from someone you know. 


Is there a minimum contract?

No there is no minimum term and you can cancel whenever.

But of course, then your name and address will be blacklisted, so you’ll have to game the system if you want to rejoin… and that will mean it’ll be embarrassing if you try and rejoin the Discord… so you’ll need to make another account and remember to be anonymous to keep up the fugazi.

Yeah, it’s going to be hard. That’s by design.

Alternately, you could do the work, reap the benefits, and within a couple of months the $97 will have returned a crazy multiple back to you and you it will become a blip in your bank account.

As I said, I’ll be writing it either way to document everything I’m learning and share it with my team internally, so it’s no skin off my nose.