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Join A Mastermind of Gym & Clinic Owners Who Want To Make happy customers, Maximise Their income and BUILD a business that gives them


(Even if you have no idea how you’re going to do it, your business is over-complicated,
and you’re feeling like it’s a constant battle to build momentum)

Ascension is a 12-month mastermind that taps into a rare form of collective wisdom to help gym owners strike the balance between purpose (which comes in abundance), & profit (which for most gyms and clinics, is rarer then hens teeth).

Gym & Clinic Owners,

Have you ever stopped to think about the word ‘Mastermind?’ I liken it to the idea that  1+1≠ 2. In my experience, when a group of minds come together in pursuit of a singular objective… the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The results are not additive, but multiplicative.

This collective wisdom creates an invisible, intangible, but otherwise REAL force that drives a higher-level of thinking that was never possible if you were alone. I’m sure you’ve experienced this force before… it is an energy you can sense, but can’t easily describe.

This force produces a higher-level of thinking, creates new opportunity, and generates the momentum required to realise possibility. This is what I liken to the idea of having a ‘master mind’ as your operating system.

If you want to stack your skillset and level up your facility so it isn’t just a great place to work, but is so well optimised that it:

Leverages hidden opportunity, 

Creates remarkable client experiences, and 

Actually turns a profit (after paying you a proper wage)…

Then the Ascension Mastermind will show you how.

Here is how it works

The Ascension Mastermind (AMM) works so goddamn well because it leverages a phenomena commonly called pattern recognition.

Picture this.

You have two facility owners start a new gym/clinic, each with exactly $40,000 in their bank accounts after equipping their facility.

They have identical locations, in identical areas, with an identical target market. Every condition is exactly the same.

One owner is a seasoned veteran, having built a profitable, successful facility and brand before. However, in this example, he/she cannot use or leverage their networks… only their ideas, experience and decision making.

The other owner is completely fresh — this is his/her first time.

Who do you think grows the new business faster?

The answer is obvious.

But why?

Pattern recognition.

The veteran knows what to look for and already has a picture of their ideal scenario.

They already know what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, and who they need on their team to make it happen. 

They already have a crystal clear picture in their mind.

The rookie on the other hand, cannot visualise what their ideal scene looks like. They can’t see what processes they need, what systems they will require and what personnel they’ll lean on…

Their picture is a blur.

The rookie has to make every mistake in the book (like the seasoned veteran owner did the first time), before they can grow a profitable business that pays the founder for their blood, sweat and tears.

The veteran bypasses all of that the second time around from day one.

No excess spend. 

No wasted time.

No unnecessary ideas.

The veteran business owner B-lines it from the get go.

The rookie goes round, and round (and round) in circles, making many mistakes along the way..

Ascension Mastermind is your very own B-line.

AMM deploys every system, method & mentality I have used to grow Athletes Authority.

In the same vein, it sidesteps every failed system, ineffective method, and limiting belief that held it back. 

It will all be laid bare for you to learn from, adapt and make your own… while benefiting from my counsel, guidance and the collective wisdom of the rest of the group.

I do this because I went through a lot of pain, wasted a lot of money, and at one stage, was looking at an almost fully depleted bank account. I don’t want my pain to be in vain.

The reason why I share all in Ascension rather than teaching individual courses is because I’ve observed that the most successful mentees don’t dabble in improving their business systems with a course here or there… and they don’t try to improve ‘parts’ of their business (like marketing, OR sales, OR systems-thinking, OR operations, OR client-experience)…

They go all in & cover all basis.

By doing this, they can take a 10,000 ft perspective of their business, see it as a whole, and make strategic decisions on what elements of their business need the most attention at any given time…

Put another way, because they can see the whole picture — they can execute with more precision, see better results sooner, and make more money in the process…

The Ascension Mastermind embodies this philosophy and brings everything under one umbrella, into something we call the Gym Ascension System.

When you join the Mastermind, you get access to:

  • Our strategy for attracting our market into our ecosystem, using ‘pull’ techniques rather than the latest squeamish marketing ‘ploys’ that leave your market thinking you’re a hack. We do this by leveraging a strategy known as preeminent thinking; something I learned from one of the greatest business consultants of our time, Jay Abraham. Using this principle of pre-eminence, we turn marketing on its head by putting the customer first. Like the great JFK once said, “ask of yourself not what your market can do for you, but what you can do for your market” (Ok, not quite, but close enough). Because, the purpose of marketing is not to get a lead; the purpose of marketing is to be so good at repelling who you don’t work with, that those who you are best to serve consider you as the only viable solution to their problem. This customer-centric approach installs a powerful magnet onto your brand’s digital and physical presence… pulling those who you can serve toward you almost effortlessly and without the typical friction that comes with interacting with a new gym for the first time.


  • Ascension then builds on this ‘pull’ marketing, cultivating influence & trust once a prospect enters your ecosystem. Here, your ecosystem will be upgraded to nurture the relationship and establish the beliefs necessary for your prospect to want to start their journey with you. This is done by establishing a unified worldview — where you, and your customers — see the world through the same lens. This creates harmony and a sense that your prospect feels understood… a critical ingredient in the transition from prospect to customer.


  • With your prospect engaged and wanting to work with you, Ascension helps you create a business model that actually gets you paid; without you becoming a corporate sellout that we all promised ourselves we’d never be. After all, the goal of your business is to leave you with a profit; a profit that can serve you and your personal goals, support your family and their future, and help you leave a legacy. There is no shame in this… it is the only way for Gym Owners to get off their knees and reclaim a seat at the table.

Together, the Gym Ascension System teaches three critically important non-linear skills:

  1. Multiplying attention,
  2. Maintaining attention, and
  3. Monetising attention.

These three skills must ascend (improve) together. They cannot be optimised one at a time.

This is why most business courses don’t work.

Buying a marketing course does not solve the mathematics of a bad offer or business model;

Buying a sales course does not solve your lack of attention; and

Improving your offer and model does not solve the problem of poor engagement.

Each element connects to the other like a puzzle piece. If you are going to produce a profit so you can support yourself, your family, and your legacy, it must fit perfectly.

You have no other choice.

But here is the dilemma.

Because your business is unique … there can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no proven template that can work for everyone.

The only work around for this is of course, to buy a franchise…

But in doing so, I believe you sell your soul.

This is a not an option for me. It probably is for you, too, if you’ve read this far.

Every member of Ascension uses these puzzle pieces to put together their own, unique completed puzzle which becomes their ‘system.’

But unlike business courses who only teach one piece of the puzzle, Ascension gives you all three pieces, and then the guidance, counsel and community to piece it together and get your facility filled to the brim.


  • Independent micro gym owners who are proud of what they have built and want to be able to improve their operating system… so they can create wealth in their personal life that matches the purpose they have in their career.

  • Clinic-owners who want to do more than trade their time for money on a treatment table and build a clinic that serves at a higher level.

  • Coaches & Trainers who have built a brand, want it to reach more people, and want to create more opportunity for themselves in their personal lives.


  • A giving mentality — willing to share your experience and be of value to those you want to serve.

  • A family-first ethos — you want to create wealth for you and your current (or future) family so you can leave a legacy.

  • A desire to stop being compared to your competitors, getting lost in the crowd or worse, being invisible.

  • You want to join Ascension for who is NOT in the group, just as much as you would join for who is (because your environment matters).

  • Your measure of success is your client’s success, and you know that the more people you can serve, the more that the world will reciprocate back to you in kind.

  • You have Soul in the Game… you deeply and passionately care about those you serve and want everyone to know that.

  • You’ve invested in the heart of the industry itself and want to leave it in a better place than you found it.

  • You are tired (exhausted even) of the rehashed playbook that most gym marketers follow. You want to build your brand without sacrificing your sense of meaning, or feeling like you’ve sold your soul.

  • You realise that the best place to invest is in yourself — your skillset has already produced what you have, and when you stack it, will produce exponentially more.


  • Constantly distracted by shiny objects that prevent them from focusing on what matters (which is the same as what works).
  • Looking for a secret, hack, or shortcut.
  • Oblivious to the concept of ROI… or someone who thinks that the best investment they can make at this stage of their career is in Bitcoin, not themselves (and that’s coming from a crypto bull, so don’t @ me).
  • Are unwilling to work.
As long as that’s not you… 

Then This is WHAT YOU GET:

Ascension gives you everything you need to level up your thinking and create profit from a business that has already given you purpose:

  •  Customised Strategy Plan: 5 x 1:1 onboarding sessions with Karl over your first 16-weeks (phase one) to dial-in your business strategy so you can execute on your business strategy for the next 12 months.

  • Ongoing Consulting: Monthly 1:1 strategy calls with Karl after completion of phase one to keep you on track and executing on your business strategy.

  • Mastermind 3-day Live Sprints: Each quarter, you’ll have the opportunity to spend 3-days F2F with Karl at a private location to work on business strategy surrounded by your peers in the Ascension Mastermind. Work, collaborate, innovate, hypothesise and cultivate new ideas while giving you a chance to disconnect from the grind and day-to-day of your facility operations and work on the big picture.

  • Coaching: 1x 2hr weekly QnA call on Zoom where you can ask Karl your questions live while developing your problem-solving skills as you go.

  • Marketing Assistance: My very own media buyer and paid advertising expert will join you and the rest of the Ascension Mastermind on a weekly, all-in call to build, plan and optimise your advertising on Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok.

  • Community: You’ll get exclusive access to our Discord Channel, where you’ll be able to hang out and talk shop with other Gym Owners on their way to 7 and 8 figures.

  • Resources: Get immediate access to the tools, courses, contracts, automations, SOP’s, spreadsheets and tracking templates that stop you from creating blindspots, losing track, or getting lost amongst the day-to-day operations.

  • Support: Get 24/7 support via the community Discord on anything you can possibly think of.


And This Is A Short Case Study On The Growth That Is Possible...

How To Get Started

If you’re a Gym-Owner, Coach, or Clinic-Owner making at least $20,000/month and you’re interested in masterminding with the rest of us to maximise profits, your clients results… and your own happiness… then…

Schedule a call using the button below and I will meet with you over Zoom to see if Ascension is a good fit. Before you commit my time, please do not book in a call unless you can qualify yourself with the following:

  • You’re an existing business that’s been operational for at least three years… OR
  • You’re starting a Gym or Clinic, have capital to invest, and want to make sure you set yourself up for success from the beginning…

AND, you can commit to all of the following:

  • You have an up-to-date P&L of the last FY & a recent quarterly P&L (if you’re an existing gym/clinic owner or are looking to acquire equity within one);

  •  You actually want your business to improve so you can improve your personal income position
If that is you, then I look forward to hearing from you.