If You Have A Gym Or A Clinic, & 30 Minutes Per Day, Then ‘Double Your Profits’ Can Help You Ramp-Up Your Cash Reserves & Start Closing Sales On AutoPilot…


From the desk of Karl Goodman,

Re: How the good guys can pile up their cash reserves and start making sales on command…

– – – – – –

To all the salt-of-the-earth trainers who get their rush from transforming lives…

To the soul-in-the-game gym owners who want to build a kick-ass community…

And to the practice owners who just want their clients to know they really care…

What would it be worth to you to double your profits? 

Maybe that means doubling the conversions of your website so you get double the daily enquiries.

Or signing up twice as many clients into your flagship program.

Whatever the words profit & sales mean to you…

What would it be worth to double what you’re doing now?

Think of that number in your head.

Write it down if you can.

Now that you’ve done that, think about what that number will do for you if you had it…

Better yet write it down.

For me, it was proving to myself that just because I didn’t have money growing up… history didn’t have to repeat itself with my kids.

For you, it might be something completely different.

Maybe you want to prove someone wrong…

Or prove yourself right?

Whatever it is, write it down (or say it out loud).

Then, in just a smidgen we’re going to do some grade 3 math to show you what it could really be worth. It’ll be so easy that you’ll actually want to do it. (Yes, easy math does exist as you’ll see in just a second.)
First, I need to tell you a story. It’ll seem like this story is about me…but it’s really about YOU. I promise. (If I skip this part you won’t have any context for what I’m going to show you.) You’ll wonder why I’m wanting to teach you this and probably miss the real reason.
Now let me introduce myself. My name is Karl Goodman and gym & clinic owners pay me (well) to increase their sales by multiples… (and sometimes magnitudes).
They do that because I own a pumping athlete development facility which plays at the pointy end of the spear and learns by doing…
Because there is no one in Australia in front of us to learn from…
… So I get to uncover the sales strategies that work in a market that is otherwise mostly untapped. Being at the pointy-end has to have some benefits after all…
… because the rest of the time it’s a war-zone… and sometimes you get hurt.
(That’s me with my incredible wife and my two boys… and yes Huey was not a fan of being interrupted while he played with shark-car…)

[Humble Brag For Context] I am regularly paid a lot of money to consult for gyms, clinic and facility owners to go in to their business and 5-10x their profitability. I’m in that position because I did it myself and my consulting returns at least 10x the investment in the first two years. For ambitious business owners… this is a no brainer. This will be context you need later…

[Cue the cheesy (but true) Origins Story] 

But it hasn’t always been that way…

My first year out of Uni I was living in a share house with two mates. One of them was my best mate that I studied with. His name was Shawn. Weekends were synonymous with parties, playing X-Box and lifting in the garage.

We called our lifting garage Leichardt Barbell, and it would end up being the seed that would launch Athletes Authority… (more on that later).

During the week, I worked as the S&C coach for a private school. I got paid $100 per session… and I did 2 sessions every day. After school, I’d head straight to my rugby commitments, where I was the S&C coach for a local team.

I got paid pocket change for that.

It was great for about 8 months… until it wasn’t.

I got bored…

During the day, I was a glorified kid-sitter before and after school for juniors who by and large, didn’t want to be there. They didn’t want to lift, they wanted to smash their studies so they could get into Law.

At night, I had a tonne of fun coaching serious athletes but didn’t make a dime from it… it was ‘passion work’.

One afternoon, the other flatmate told us he was moving overseas for work… so it was down to Shawn and I.

We weren’t super keen on finding another flatmate so we decided to downsize… with a twist.

See, Shawn was an S&C coach too. He was also with a private school… and he had some private clients as well training out of the garage gym we lifted in.

So instead of finding another place to live… we toyed with the idea that we could kill two birds with one stone… open a gym, and live there, too.

So we did.

We got a lease out to a 170 sq/m space above an old smash-repairs and built the first iteration of Athletes Authority.

It was tiny, run-down and graffiti’d… but it was full of character.

To make it happen, I sold my house for $355k that I’d bought for $215k when I was 19 from cash I made as a PT. After I paid off the mortgage, I had about $140,000 left over.

(As I type this, I did a quick market research update to see what it would be worth now… $635k… gulp)

After dropping about $100k on the fit out, we came to a very stark realisation.

Running a gym was expensive.

Here was me thinking that all we needed was some equipment, two great personalities… and the people would come.

“Build it and they will come.”… said only idiots.

To make ends meet, I slept on the floor of the storeroom… a 3x 2 metre room. Shawn was on the lounge right next to me. We lived in each others pockets and surprisingly made it work.

Except for the fact we were dead broke.

Between rent, outgoings, subscriptions, measly wages, tax, super, maintenance, accountants fees, lawyers fees, contractor fees…

There was nothing even close to resembling profit at the end. Owning a gym had me by the balls.

So I did what most broke gym owners do and went and got advice from gym consultants… except I was too dumb and stupid back then to realise that I shouldn’t be getting advice from ‘gym consultants’ who didn’t run their own gyms.

So of course that turned into a big pile of sh*t because now I was not only broke, but in debt $500 per week…

… and all they had to offer my broke ass was to become more aligned with my vision, ‘attract my ideal life,’ and find my spiritual purpose…

Gurus? More like Goo-woo’s.

So instead of finding another Goo-woo, I went back to basics…

I read like a madman, learning from advertising and sales wizards who had no ‘wooo’ but were big on real wealth-generating strategies…

With a gun-to-my-head, I applied the principles, methods and tactics into every corner of my business…

Over the course of the next four years, I was a dog-to-a-bone. I didn’t stop learning, applying… learning, applying… learning, applying…

During this process of iteration… I developed the skillset of taking what I’d learned from the advertising world and tweaking, moulding and optimising it so it worked to build a pumping, in-demand gym.

It Wasn't Until I Learned How To Bridge The Gap From S&C Coach To 'Business Strategist' That I Made A Big Jump In Income...

I learned & applied sales psychology so I could get to the core of what my athletes wanted… and in turn it help ramp up the value of what we offered.
I became an expert at the customer buying journey so I could understand what they needed and when… which helped me build a plug-n-play marketing system that ran on autopilot…
And I became a ‘wordsmith’ that got my content read… and acted on… so I made the most of every lead that came through the door (well, website, but door sounds better).
I started to hit some big milestones…
The first one was paying myself a real wage…
You never forget the moment that you make that decision.
I still remember the morning I said “f*ck it, I’m worth it… and so is Lachy.”
I called him and said “we’re paying ourselves a real directors wage… and I’ll make sure the business can support it.”
I got off that phone call to a text message from him a few minutes later going “F*ck me. I guess we’re doing it!”
… Because no gym-owner thrives when money is in short supply.
After that, we turned our sights to running such a damned slick operation that it didn’t need us in it to do the actual coaching…
Which meant we needed to nail our numbers, know our KPI’s, and make sure we supported our team with the skills and resources to keep the gym pumping…
That allowed us to hit our second big milestone… we were now true ‘directors’ of the company… which gave us the freedom to look for bigger opportunities and be of even more service to the brand…
And shortly after, despite two-years stuck in the Pandemic washing machine, we hit our third milestone…
We built the gym of our dreams that kicked-ass.
What started as a tiny little gym in 2015 had become Australia’s most recognised brand in athlete development…
… Where people would travel from all around the country to hear what we had to say…
… Pay us (well) to teach them our systems and how we did it…
… And become the ‘standard’ for every other athlete facility to measure themselves against…
So now that we’ve got that story out of the way…

It’s Time For That
“Third Grade Math”
I Promised You

Let’s start out with small, simple numbers.
Let’s say your coaching program is $1000.
You currently get 400 people to your website each month… and 8 become leads. That’s a 2% conversion rate. To do that, you spend $1000 on advertising a month.
Of those 8, 2 become members/patients/clients (I’m calling them members from here on in). That’s a 25% conversion rate.
On that math, you make $2000 in new revenue per month minus the $1000 on advertising… leaving you with $1000 of new revenue every month on top of your existing client base.
Now, let’s say that you increase your conversion rate from 2% to 4% by optimising your website. Your new revenue per month is now $4000. But here’s the cool part… you’re now making $3000 after advertising costs. Not only are doubling your conversions and doubling your sales… but because you’re not spending any extra on advertising… you’ve TRIPLED your profit.
Because you’re a smart marketer, you decide to invest 33% of the profit back into advertising ($1000). Assuming you can maintain the same conversion rate, you will now double your sales and conversions… AGAIN.
So now you’ve gone from $1000 in new revenue at the start, to $3000 by optimising your website for conversions… and then to $6000 when you ramp up your marketing efforts.
Not. Bad. At. All.

Would you pay me $1000 once to teach you how to do that every month for the rest of your life? I’m going to say yes.

But if you’re conservative like me… let’s say you don’t double it and you only increase by 20% (not 50%) AND you don’t invest a single dollar of profit back into advertising.

Let's Go Super Conservative For All You Sceptical Ones...

$1000 / Month x 20% lift in conversions
= $200 per month
= $2400 per year
... for say, 10 years?


Still worth $1,000? Even a third grader would agree with that math…

So at this point you may be thinking…that’s great in theory…but this is the REAL world where math isn’t quite so clean and simple
I agree… it’s never so easy in practice.
First off, let’s lower our expectations. Let’s say you don’t even double your conversions. Let’s be super realistic and say it’s just a 33% lift in leads per month.
(This is a number I can hit with any gym that has the right mindset… aka someone willing to do the work). 
So let’s take a real world example from a client of mine. They were doing just over 7 figures a year when we met. Their flagship program was a 12-week athlete development program worth $960. The contract looked like:
  • $8,000 upfront
  • $2000 per month from the 4th month onwards once our strategy is in full swing.
  • So 24k per year.

We began implementing the same proven growth strategies that I used in my own business like:
  • The no-friction way to increase prices dramatically without upsetting your current clients… (even if they’ve been on discount pricing for years…)
  • The simple step that takes 5 minutes to set up… (that almost every facility owner misses)… that quadruples the amount of leads that flow into your business without any extra work…
  • The Evergreen marketing funnel that never gets old and only gets better as you add to it… for only a couple of hours every single month.
  • The 8-step sales strategy that makes clients say “take my money goddamnit”
  • The ‘framing’ strategy that flattens objections with a sledgehammer…
  • The website hacks (that only veteran marketers use) that acts as a magnet to your ideal clients…
  • … and a tonne more…

Just one of those strategies took this mentees flagship program from $960 to $4160…
And another added 50% more leads into his funnel…
Which added 6 more sales each month.
All in all, he added $230,400 in new revenue after the first year and boosted his salary from measly to massive.
Again… Not Bad.
… And without a doubt, he made a massive return on investment… (almost 10x or 1000% boost)
I think that pretty clearly demonstrates the value in deploying a proven strategy in your business…
You could be starting out and not be able to make $230,000 in new revenue after just 12 months.
So let’s say you’re making $1600 per week in the hand after costs/commissions/expenses. You have a 1:1 coaching product for $80 per hour and on average, your clients stay with you for 6 months. You get four new clients per month, but on average, two leave every month, too.
You’ve been hovering around 25-30 sessions for about 6 months… sometimes you get a rush of new clients… but shortly after you lose a few, too. Your coaching has stagnated.
The only thing you change is that you double your retention… instead of clients leaving after 6 months, they now leave after 12. You do this by helping them extend their time horizon and looking further into the future with their goals. They appreciate you for it. You still get the same amount of leads each month and you make the same amount of sales.
Within a year, you would have added 12 new clients to your business, and an extra $960 per week to your bottom line.
You’re booked up doing 40 sessions per week and now in a position to raise prices to keep up with demand.
Good problem to have right?
Again, is that worth $1000 to you?
By the end of the first year, you’ll be earning an extra $46,080 per year ($960 x 48 weeks).
Sure, it’s not $220,000, but it’s still a 46x return on investment.
That’s a 4600% increase.
There is nowhere else you can get those returns (unless you invested in Bitcoin in 2014… in which case, hope you’re enjoying retirement!)
Now here is the best part about everything I’ve told you.
I’m going to give you these same strategies AND it’s not going to cost $1000.

In Fact, I'll Give Just Shy Of $100 To Try Out These Strategies For Yourself . . .

Let me explain.
After spending the last month presenting non-stop to over 50 gym and facility owners, I decided I’d start doing something I’ve never done before.
I decided I’d take all the secrets of our mentorship products and share them with anyone who is brave enough to say “Yes, I want more from this.”
Here’s how it works:
Starting from the very next day after you sign up, and for 30 days straight, I am going to send you an email every day. These emails will teach a specific strategy that I know will increase your conversions and add piles of digital cash into your bank account.
I am going to conveniently deliver them straight to your inbox so you don’t have to login to our fancy membership site where you’re likely to get distracted and not do it…
It will help you bring into focus the things that matter in your business… and ONLY contains immediately actionable content.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I’ve been at the pointy end for many years now and the truth is I have a skillset that allows me to capitalise on these strategies… you may not get the same results as me (but even if you don’t, your results will be far better than every other facility owner ‘hoping’ things will get better)… 

So What Is The Investment To Double Your Sales?

Yes, this IS an investment. 
A cost is something that takes away from the bottom line. An investment adds to the bottom line… 
Pro Tip: that right there is framing… and it’s a strategy I’ll teach you that helps your clients/members focus on the upside… that’s why frames were made after all… they tell the viewer where to look.
Ok, so you’re entering the point of the webpage where it’s important you anchor the price.
But this price anchoring is going to look a little different. Rather than getting fancy, I’m going to tell you the conversation I had with Lachlan when deciding what the investment would be…
Me: “Hey Lachy, I’m going to make sales training more accessible for everyone. I’m going to convert all the sales elements of the business mentorship into a 30-day email course and drop the price from $24,000 to $997.”
Lachy: “Ahhh, isn’t that a bit too cheap? Do you want a lot of people… or just the right people?”
Me: “Well, both. Doubling profits is useful for everyone, not only perfect fits for our mentorship. We should let everyone and anyone join and those who get insane results can then afford our flagship programs because they’ll have seen the impact on their bank accounts…”
Lachy: “True, I reckon a tonne of people we don’t even think about will join — Personal Trainers, Chiro’s, Podiatrists, Massage Therapists…”
Me: “Yeah, it’d be f*cking good to get everyone sinking their teeth into it.”
Lachy: “Well, then why don’t you make it cheaper so its an absolute no brainer. Do it for like $200 bucks or something?”
Me: “If we’re going to do that, we may as well make it $97.”
Lachy: “Yeah fuck it lets do it.”
… So that’s what we decided.
We’re going to share our most profitable and actionable strategies for just $97 (I’m telling myself that I’m not being crazy giving it away that easily)…
But I didn’t want to stop there.
This beast has got momentum so may as well let it roll, right?

I Wanted To Make One Of The Most Ridiculous Offers The Fitness Industry Has Ever Seen...
I'm Putting My Own Money On The Table . . .

If you act on these strategies and install them in your own business and don’t see a big boost in sales and the course doesn’t work… I’ll not only refund your money, but double it for you for wasting your time.
You read that right.
I will PAY YOU $100 to test these strategies out if they don’t work.
All you have to do is take a screenshot of all these strategies actually operating in your business and send it through to me… give it two months for it to work its magic… and if it doesn’t work then get on a call with me and I will refund you double your initial investment.
FYI: I make the same guarantee in my $24,000 business mastermind group. I’m yet to give a refund.

So Why Am I Not Just Offering The Typical Money - Back Guarantee?

Because pro conversion tip #138 tells us that: 
“People look for different more than they look for better.”
Novelty & Curiosity is like crack cocaine for humans.
We just can’t help ourselves.
I’m also doing it for one other, more important reason… I actually care.
Typical guarantees don’t drive the customer to take action.
It breeds complacency.
It allows you to ‘hope’ that things will change without actually doing anything about it.
Action > Knowledge.
So I’m not going to offer you a 100% money back guarantee without you having to make a commitment to yourself. 
This means you HAVE to do the work if you want to get your money back.
And by that point, you won’t want your money back because the strategies will have made you thousands (and thousands… and thousands…)
In reality, you’ll want to find a way to thank me.
Here’s a harsh truth about life:
If you don’t take action, that’s on YOU.
It’s not my responsibility.
Unless you’re paying me $24,000 a year, I’m not coming to your facility and doing it with you.
See, a lot of people want a guarantee from someone like me… but they aren’t willing to make a guarantee to themselves
And that’s why this course is going to rock your world.
Because it will help you get your act together and create your own success.

Success is built in by design.
I guarantee I will give you all the tools to succeed.
I will pass you the driver and bolts… but you have to ratchet the damn thing together… 
And if hearing it from me doesn’t persuade you (I know it does, but heck this video pumps me up so I’m sharing it anyway), hear it from E.T himself.

At This Point, You Have 3 Choices . . .

Choice #1: Ignore everything I’ve told you. Carry on doing what you’re doing and don’t make esay-to-implement, tiny tweaks that have huge returns in your business. Stay where you are if you’re content (good on you… but most gym owners I’ve met aren’t).
Choice #2: Increase your sales by printing this page, cracking the ‘morse-code’ and trying to do it all yourself. Maybe you’ll succeed, maybe you won’t. You can try and do it yourself or try another course from one of those business ‘Guu-Woo’s (who don’t actually own their own facilities)… and spend hundreds of hours going to the corners of the internet to get all the info you need.
Choice #3: You can jump on the fast-track and learn all the strategies that I’ve tested and optimised in the last 7 years owning my own gym… that you can do in 30 minutes each day. If it doesn’t work not only will I refund you, but I’ll double the investment.

Double Your Profits

(Or Double Your Money Back)
$ 97
One Time Payment in US Dollars
  • 30 - Days Of Emails Filled With Marketing & Sales Lessons That Will Ramp Up Your Conversions... (Even if You're A Rookie & Hate The Idea of Sales)
  • The Best Lessons I've Learned Growing Australia's Most Recognised Brand In Athlete Development That WIll Save You Years of Pain And Struggle...
  • My Behind-The-Scenes Sales Training That Will Earn Your Money Back Before You Even Start The Course Because You'll Nail Your Next Sale
P.S If you couldn’t give a crap about what I just said and just came straight here, then here is the nuts and bolts of it:
I’ve created a 30-day course called Double Your Profits. Apply the simple, easy-to-implement and actionable strategies into your business and if they dont’ work… I’ll refund you $97 and then give you ANOTHER $97 for wasting your time. You have nothing to lose if it doesn’t work and a tonne of cash delivered to your bank account to gain if you nail it.
Still not convinced?

Here are 6 "no-brainer" Reasons why you should GRAB YOUR CREDIT CARD RIGHT NOW & GET YOUR HANDS ON DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS TODAY. . .

  • Double Your Profits with absolutely no risk so you can bolster the bottom line of your business. If you don’t double your profits after putting in the work… I’ll give you your money back… and then double it. I’ll literally be paying you $97 to try it out for yourself.

  •  Stockpile your cash reserves in as much as 30-minutes of work per day. Because these strategies are delivered in easy-to-implement, digestible chunks of information you can action immediately… I’ll make sure you’re not overwhelmed. Since it’s bite-sized these strategies will get DONE… meaning in just 30 days, you’ll be reaping in the extra cash in as little as 2% of your total days time.

  • Take advantage of our tested and proven strategies that we’ve used in our own gym and with our own clients… to huge success. You could try everything yourself and make all the mistakes we did while we learnt by trial-and-error (aka doing), or you could learn from us and fast-track your results. Sometimes it’s important to make your own mistakes… but you should never want to make them with your own money… and it’s why we invest so heavily into our own mentorship, too.

  • You’ll get direct access to me. With your purchase of DYP today, you’ll get direct access to me to ask questions relating to the course content. I don’t do critiques and I don’t “quickly look over what you’ve done”, but I will make sure you understand how to implement these strategies into your sales machine. If you’re stuck, confused, or just need guidance….let me know and I’ll give you some quick advice via email. Nobody gets this kind of access to me outside of a small handful of mates in the industry… and my high-paying clients.

  • Blazing fast results in as little as 30-days with a foolproof step-by-step framework that even a 3rd grader can follow. Get the same results that would normally take you a year to implement in 30-days from now… with 1/10th of the fuss and zero of the tears.

  • Secure this insane price while you still can… because I don’t know when I’ll have to raise it to match the crazy value. You could wait now, come back in a month, and it’s 4x the price. I’m unlikely to provide any prior warning and won’t honour this pricing ever again… so grab this $97 bargain while it’s still on the table.