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Built Our Brand

This Unique 3-Day Immersive Experience Shows You Exactly How To Implement Our Coaching, Rehab & Business Systems Into Your Own Facility (or even just satisfy your curiosity so you know how we did it)…

Again! But Better, bigger and in more detail. 

2024 DATE:

Sydney: August 7th-9th

You've experienced it once, & you've put it in practice... so what's next?

The level 2 Coach Immersion Program Is the next step in your career development. designed for those that want to be ahead of the pack - and stay ahead of the pack.

In the original Coach Immersion Program, we offered real world experience on the gym floor, working directly alongside our High Performance Department at Athletes Authority and interacting with world class athletes. 

With now over 12 sold out intakes, past attendees have been asking the question for the past several years, “What’s next?” Until now we’ve sat on the idea, waiting until we struck the perfect schedule – in content, application and progression on what you’ve already learnt. But now we are proud to put forward what we believe is, next. 

THE Only Fully-Immersive up-skill course That Pulls Back The Curtain On What real world success Really Looks like.

There are very few athlete development facilities in the world that have built a successful brand purely on training athletes. Even the most popular brands that are industry hot-shots rely on morning bootcamps, big corporate contracts, or government grants to keep them profitable. The most common question we’re asked is: “How did we do it with athletes alone?” While you can hear how we’ve done it on the Podcast, it’s much more powerful to show you. This is why the Coach Immersion exists — to show you what is possible so you can replicate and emulate in your own environment.

Coach Upskill has been completely redefined 2.0


Be A Fly On The Wall & See Exactly How Our Business Operates Over 3-value packed Days

Get direct access to our whole updated business operation, including our:

  • Athlete Development Program
  • Sports Rehabilitation Program
  • Emerging Athlete Program
  • On-Field Speed & Conditioning Program

You’ll see exactly how we are currently operating, what changes we’ve made to our facility and why.

12 brand new Lectures & Practical demonstrations on the athletes Authority Training Systems

All of our updated and new systems are explained to you. In business growth and change is a must.  Every single one of our updated systems explained to you over 12 never before seen lectures, so you can take it away and apply it in your environment straight away. From learning about our updated coaching & rehab philosophies, to how we’ve scaled an athlete development brand to 3.5 million dollars in yearly revenue, our lectures will open your eyes up to new possibilities and a better way of doing things.

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Network, Build real connections, Open Doors TO New Opportunities & ideas

Some of the biggest feedback we’ve gotten is the career-changing conversations we’ve had with our attendees in the informal settings. That’s why we have double downed on  informal conversations and opportunities away from the classroom, because sometimes they are the best ones. Over the three days you’ll have many:

  • Coffee chats as small groups… because don’t they say all great ideas start over coffee?
  • Informal Dinner conversations that lead to big ‘a-ha’ moments. 
  • Special offsite event on the last night (you won’t want to miss it)

Your Itinerary

What Your Peers Say About The Original Experience

Why choose us?

we've been endorsed by
the best

david joyce

“I’ve always maintained that leaders create leaders. Lachie and the team at Athletes Authority embody this. It’s not enough that he knows more about performance than just about anyone, but he has a selfless and relentless drive to part this knowledge, whether it is with other coaches, PTs, athletes or unsuspecting strangers in a supermarket queue. The fact that he’s been able to scale this through AA to impact as many people as possible is evidence of this mission.”

alex natera

“There are few in this industry with not only the experience but the quality of Lachlan Wilmot & Athletes Authority. With his roots grounded in health & fitness through to leading the very pinnacle of professional sport; from creating a world class performance hub in Athletes Authority to being a highly sought after educator globally, Lachlan has done it all!

As a coach and leader and an entrepreneur and an educator Lachlan is second to none.”

rob pacey

Rob Pacey

“When it comes to educators in the fitness and performance industry, Lachlan & Athletes Authority has been at the top for years. His ability to distil complex topics into understandable resources for coaches and fitness professionals is outstanding. Combining Lachlan and other members of the team makes Athletes Authority a hub for coach and athlete development.”

why choose us?

Every updated system we use at your fingertips.

Learn everything we have updated and changed in our business and know how to be able to implement immediately in your own business. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders, as they say “being at the pointy end of the spear.” We will share ver 12-value packed lectures, the new coaching, rehab and business systems that make our facility run on autopilot.

Model Our Unrealistic success.

Success leaves clues. We pull back the curtain on all the wins, losses and mistakes along the way that have led to the industry calling us ‘market leaders’. Use our updated models and accelerate your professional and business success.

3 Priceless Days With The founders.

In six short years (two of which were hampered by COVID), Athletes Authority has gone from a 170sqm gym in a converted apartment to to one of the world’s most recognised private athlete development brands. Since 2022, the company has grossed 10+ million dollars in revenue making them one of the most profitable single-facility gyms in the world. Learn directly from the two founders who created this remarkable outlier.

Learn the unique model used to scale into our second facility

 Get inside access to the business model that put our brand on the world map. Nothing is off the table. 


athletes trained weekly


Annual Revenue


5-star google reviews

What Makes ThE Coach Immersion SO Powerful?

Here are Some Of The Reasons Our Attendees Loved The Program:

What's the investment?

When you join the Level 2 Coach Immersion Program, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident you are on the right side of change.

  • You’ll be able to stop guessing about your coaching ability and guarantee your results for both your athletes and your business.
  • You’ll have the confidence knowing you’ve done everything you can to put yourself in a position to succeed in the industry.
  • Plus, you’ll be able to stop doubting yourself in the moments that it counts the most.

Coach Immersion (Monthly)

For Those That Want Financial Flexibility
$ 1400
x3 months
  • 3 Value Packed Days At Our Facility
  • Unlimited Opportunity to watch our programs in action
  • 12 EXCLUSIVE "NEVER BEFORE SEEN" Exclusive Lectures on the athletes authority systems
  • Learn updated business approach that has allowed us to scale across two facilities & 20+ staff
  • post event recordings, materials & templates so you can go back and re-watch as things pop up in real time

Coach Immersion (Pre-Paid)

For Those That Want a 10% discount.
$ 3997
  • 3 Value Packed Days At Our Facility
  • Unlimited Opportunity to watch our programs in action
  • 12 Exclusive "never before seen" Lectures on the athletes authority systems

Our guarantee

We Believe In The Impact Of This EXPERIENCE So Heavily That We’re Willing To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is…

If you aren’t head over heels thrilled with the CIP, speak to us at any time during the 3-day event and let us know that you’d like a refund. We will refund you your money less the costs of the food and welcome pack. It’s that simple. When have you heard a guarantee like that before from a live event? There is not a stronger guarantee than this in the market, hands down.


We have one remaining intake in 2024.

June 26th-28th in Melbourne.

No, this is an immersive, live experience where you see our systems in action. Any attempt at online would take away from the real experience so we’re not even going to try.

If you loved your first experience with the Coach Immersion, we promise you’ll love this.

This is a completely new experience with all new content. (Plus keeping the elements of the original Coach Immersion that everyone loved so much) 

There are two ways to pay for your investment.

You can pre-pay your experience for $3997 one off. 

Alternatively, you can pay the investment off as needed. Please speak to Jordi directly to organise the best approach from this.

No, only those that have attended the first Coach Immersion event AND have had a minimum of 6 months implementing the systems can attend. 

Still On The Fence?

If you want to learn more about how the Coach Immersion Level 2 will work with where you’re currently at in your business, reach out below and our program manager Jordi will be in touch. 

Alternatively, if you are in all and want to jump straight in, fill out the form attached and we will lock your spot in!