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The only community based educational up-skill platform you need to stay up to date with the latest research and practical application across performance, rehab and sports science.

the performance department

an education community like no other...

The Performance Department has you covered across 3 fundamental streams:

1. Performance 

2. Rehabilitation  

3. Sports Science 

When you join you will gain access to our foundational models, 12 key areas of athletic development delivered to you every month. 

In addition to this is our Tier 1 content – x1-2 presentations or courses added each month, but only for 30 days. This drives your accountability and narrows your focus on a few key topics each month, taking the guesswork out of your personal development.

Tier 2 content will be added more frequently – daily, weekly, monthly this is nice drip feed approach of bite size information that will keep you wanting to come back for more! 

The best part about it all? The more you engage in the community, the more you receive. 

Plus, being a member of the Performance Department will give you access to some member only events, both in-person and virtually.


what if you never had to worry about where to get your up-skill from ever again?

The Performance Department is a low cost access to a range of disciplines within athletic development. Gain access to industry leading presentations, courses, exercise features, QnA’s, staff meeting professional development and more.

about the topics





The Rehabilitation component will provide insights into frameworks for executing optimal management and progression through various stages of the injury cycle. The Rehabilitation component will delve into relevant testing protocols, programming structures and clinical pearls to improve the knowledge of the sports rehab professional. This will complement the other two key pillars of the performance department to deliver a well rounded practitioner.


sports science:

The Sports Science component will provide insights around various Sports Science practices for not only Sports Scientists, but Strength & Conditioning coaches, Physiotherapists and Allied Health. The Sports Science component dives deep into various testing practices and applications, field and court based load monitoring, as well as Excel skills and applications. Combining in-depth guides and bite-sized features to build discussions and the knowledge pool of the Performance Department as a whole.

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What's the investment?

When you join the Performance Department you’ll have an entire industry network at your fingertips, allowing you to take your professional development into your own hands. 

the performance department

The Only Education Platform Specifically For S&C Coaches, Physiotherapists & Allied Health
$USD 97 per month
  • x 12 exclusive monthly foundational moduels
  • x1-2 tier 1 content per month
  • daily, weekly & monlty tier 2 content 
  • COmmunity of industry professionals to answer your questions
  • special industry leading guest contributors
  • cancel anytime

Our guarantee

We Believe In The Impact Of This EXPERIENCE So Heavily That We’re Willing To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is…

If you aren’t head over heels thrilled with the Performance Department, speak to us at any time and let us know that you’d like a refund. We will refund you your subscription for the current month. It’s that simple. When have you heard a guarantee like that before from an online platform? There is not a stronger guarantee than this in the market, hands down.


Yes, you can cancel at anytime. The payment covers the month ahead, so when that is completed your access will be removed.

Some of the content is only available for 30 days so it encourages you to actually complete the modules unlike so much other online learning options.