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Writing a great program for your client is secondary to becoming a great coach. Because most PT’s are never given a system for writing programs, they spend the majority of their time behind a computer screen thinking about what exercises to do, rather than actually coaching them.


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Learn how to select progressions, regressions and laterilisations so you can adapt to any situation. Never let an injury or inability to do an exercise be the reason you scrap it all together, ever again.  

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If you can understand how to train and program for an athlete, the chances are you’ll be able to program well for anyone. Discover how we’ve adapted our programming system for athletes to the general population to improve training outcomes, results and the client experience.

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We’ve uncovered a simple solution for writing programs for clients who want different amounts of training days that don’t compromise on quality or results. See how we adapt our programming system by understanding this ‘frequency secret’ and gain the confidence you need to write beginner, intermediate, and even advanced programs without any extra hassle.

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